A few words about us


Based in New York City, ADN Contracting offers commercial and residential construction services.

We approach both large and small projects with professionalism and great care. Our crew consists of experienced workers who attend to every detail and ensure the project exceeds expectations. With our exceptional organizational and project management skills, we make sure the work is delivered on budget and on time.

As a company that values relationships with our clients, the end result is critical to the integrity of our business. Our commitment to bridging the gap between clients, various partners and our team is second to none in the industry. Our philosophy is deeply imbedded in each one of our workers, at every level.

The same priority that is given to commercial projects can be seen in the finished quality of residential projects. We are leaders in our field that want to take pride in all that we do, and will go the extra mile without needing to be asked.

ADN. Perfect, Ideal, and Flawless.

Our advantages

  • icon_01Unmatched QualityNo project is complete before meeting our high building standards. This comes from fine tuning our services for over a decade. We know that every detail matters.
  • icon_02SafetyWe build with safety in mind without sacrificing the quality or timeliness of the project. Our workers are properly trained in construction safety.
  • icon_03CreativityBuilding creatively means finding the best possible solution for every challenge. This also means having specialized tools that aren’t always available to competitors.
  • icon_04EfficiencyWe work thoroughly but quickly, while making sure the team is well organized and efficient. Our most senior members excel at the most complicated technical and engineering projects.
  • icon_05TimelinessProper pre-construction planning allows us to do our best to get the project done on time. We have a plan, and we stick to it until the very end.
  • icon_06ReputationThe standards that we set for our company are high, and there is never an instance where we feel the need to deviate from that. We are open, honest and clear about every progression in the project.
  • icon_07CareAll projects are approached with great care and an ability to think both locally and globally. No matter the size of the project, our company principals remain in place.
  • icon_08BudgetConcerns over cost are a natural part of construction. By staying away from unnecessary diversions to the original plan, we can stay as close to the proposed budget as possible.

Our Process



Our company starts at the project management phase, where you will see first-hand the transparency of our costs. The initial site visit will let you make adjustments to your budget based off of our professional estimate. This will be everything you need to finalize your decision on how to proceed with the deliverable.


Work takes place at this point, where a kick-off meeting gets the project team in place to start. The planning phase allows resources to be allocated correctly, and schedules to be put in place. Whatever modifications need to be made to the project plan occur in real time without any delay without going over the budget.


Our company believes in being a step ahead, which is why we plan to deliver according to our preset timeline, and not after. To make sure that everything is set, the project manager will hold a post-mortem meeting that will do a full evaluation of the successful project.